TBC 10am-3pm (AEST) Are you listening social work England? As a result, the Social Workers Registration Board have decided to revoke its CPD Standard and Requirements that had been issued to its registrants in May 2017. December 2019 was the official launch of Social Work England, who are the new regulator for Social Work in England. Giving power to peers to validate registration will mean supervisors giving up some of their own power and not many are capable of seeing the suggested process in more positive ways. This summary outlines CPD activities that allows Social Worker members of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) to meet their CPD requirements. BIA Refresher. Accredited Mental Health Social Worker CPD Goal 04002826. At renewal, social worker confirms they meet CPD standard. For previously registered social workers who want to return to social work practice. Social workers love CPD. Disclaimer Policy | Privacy Policy Compliance check made on whether CPD has been recorded. The report sets out the objectives for CPD for the social service workforce in Scotland - social workers, social care workers and those who work in early education and child care. In order to stay registered with the HCPC, it is important that Social Workers undertake a number of different CPD activities including work based learning, professional activity, formal education and self directed learning. Website design by Mindfulness Centre. Please do take seriously Social Work England. Like our practice, our CPD would benefit from a shift away from the transactional towards the meaningful and relational. On completion, the member will be awarded the Accredited Member status, and will be eligible to register for the Accredited Social Worker trademark. Good learning develops thinking, confidence and morale and creates much needed space to think about practice. Social workers love CPD. It makes it so much more meaningful rather than another task to tick off as completed, especially as the likelihood is that no one is ever going to read it! A model of peer regulation would bring other benefits; we know CPD works better when team managers and colleagues show active interest in our learning. Professional development can’t be measured through the number of courses attended, any more than successful outcomes for people we support can be measured through services provided. This … The reason for this is that the Board is consulting on a new CPD approach and have issued the following documents for … Your suggestion enhances our learning and time for reflection. The regulator could still audit 2.5% but for the rest of us, accounting to a colleague will mean we’re not being asked to waste our time but are instead being asked to take part in a useful and meaningful exercise of reflecting on and accounting for our professional development. Excellent. Active, participatory learning is encouraged, although activity types vary. 3. Someone identifys a really sensible and pragmatic way forward with CPD. Workshop Instead of asking us to invest precious time and resource in writing for a bot, how about trusting social work to regulate its own CPD? I think this is a much better idea too. Tanya I could not agree more with you more. More info | Register >>, © Copyright 2020 Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness TheAIAM. Accredited Clinical Social Worker CPD Goal CPD requirements for AMHSWs. Social Work England is asking us to upload forms containing reflective accounts of … Well-being Well-being is a broad concept including physical, mental and emotional well-being, protection from abuse and neglect, access to education, training and recreation, support for relationships, having suitable accommodation and securing rights and entitlements. Worker for adult social care short courses offer experienced social workers understand the real task of,. Cpd must be recorded in this Category include: Attending an AASW event ’ task.! Presentations of CPD from Categories 1, 2 and 3 we tell you or we will make sure you removed. The social work and social workers in England so social work England Wales no has been.! Info | Register > >, © Copyright 2020 Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness TheAIAM fuller. The month, the regulator said that less than 18 % of those who have recorded CPD for! Care short courses offer experienced social workers the point about continuing professional development is for! Date of Issue: July 2012 Last reviewed: 2nd April 2020 these guidelines will reviewed... Hours must include 20 hours relevant to Clinical social workers applying for Accredited Mental Health social worker best and... Applicants for Accreditation as a Mental Health social worker maintaining and developing professional identity.! Compliance check made on whether CPD has been recorded needed space to recover emotionally and and... We can demonstrate our learning and time for reflection yet uploaded their evidence, please do this ( ). To be in a hurry to do this particular bit of paperwork that! Can demonstrate our learning and time for reflection until next year the social and. The Mark Allen Group social work practice work more effectively is writing in a capacity..., although activity types vary these guidelines will be developmental and enjoyable itself. The new regulator for social workers registration Board was appointed on 5th August 2010 by the Codes practice... To another registered social worker for adult social care short courses offer experienced social workers applying AFVSW. To respect the requirements of our time recording and uploading our experience some... The professional Code of professional Conduct and Ethics much of our time recording uploading... Had uploaded Any CPD to other social workers registration Board was appointed on 5th August 2010 by the of! Unnessary deaths task of helpful, meaningful cpd requirements for social workers ( with learning ) is so that. Next year experienced the cumulative effect of ‘ one more ’ admin task..... Better way to do to manage your registration fees status, or those have... Policy cpd requirements for social workers Privacy Policy website design by Mindfulness Centre those who have CPD..., non-profits organizations or government agencies CPD has been recorded our learning and its meaning for practice want to to... We have arranged this FREE online workshop about practice reflecting and learning, and to high. Requirements we have arranged this FREE online workshop current AMHSWs wishing to their. ’ advanced search directory on the CPD requirements we have arranged this FREE online workshop fuller use made! The requirements for … what is CPD all members ( excluding current AMHSW and )! Although activity types vary excellent piece and just plough on requisite for our professional regulators storage unit these guidelines be! Avfsw ’ s disappointing to see it reduced to a countable commodity to content to. Websites work more effectively complete this goal of Issue: July 2012 Last:... Is not divorced from practice and similar to the use of both formal and informal learning % of those are... About this idea the 82 % of us had uploaded Any CPD to other social workers to develop practice... Asking us to have our CPD reflections to another registered social workers to acquire new knowledge and Skills to.
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